17th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF: "The Winter" by Emiliano Torres

The Winter, dir. Emiliano Torres
17th T-Mobile NH IFF: Aki Kaurismäki, Rooney Mara and "The Winter" Polish Days 2017 Submissions Open

Winter is coming. And along with it, changes. Seventy-year-old Evans has spent his entire life in the mountains of southern Patagonia. In the summer, he looks after his seasonal employees; during the other seasons, he takes care of a small farm and feeds the animals—alone, according to his own rules, far from the hustle and bustle. Having known no other life, that is something he is now going to have to come to terms with, as his employer is forcing him to retire. Replacing him is a young Indian named Jara, who, by virtue of his origins, cannot find legal employment. For him, working in the mountains will mean separation from his son and his pregnant wife, as well as coming to terms with his unfriendly nature and his own demons. But it will also give him refuge—as an Indian, he has not been on the receiving end of much human kindness. In his raw debut, Emiliano Torres follows the fate of both men and portrays two faces of loneliness: in the wilderness and among people. Linked by similar experiences, the protagonists would like to find a place where they can be understood, but in this bitter film, people do not get to determine their own fate. (Artur Zaborski)

Born in Buenos Aires in 1971, Emiliano Torres is a director and screenwriter who gained experience on the sets of a number of films. He was the second director on Emanuele Crialese's films: Golden Door (2006) and Terra Ferma (2011). In 1991, he graduated from the Universidad de Cine ("La Fuc") in Argentina's capital. His credits include a few short films, two of which-TheEpisode (1992) and Far (1994)-earned some acclaim. In 1996, he worked on the direction team for the film Moebius. Marking his directorial debut,The Winter has been shown at a number of festivals, including in San Sebastián and Zurich.

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