World Premieres and Retrospectives!

Desperate Times: Kaurismäki and Bresson Film as Art: Beuys and Loving Vincent

This Saturday is going to be marked by meetings, debates and artistic experiences.

An opening of the interdisciplinary performance “Crown Shyness” is to be held in the IP Studio (46a Ruska street) at 10.00 PM. The space has been turned into a multisensory environment. Plenty of attractions awaits the youngest spectators – screenings under the framework of Cinema for Children are starting this weekend. 

“A Ghost Story”, a surprising horror movie carrying an existentialist message, is going to be screened this morning, at 9.45 AM. The director David Lowery is going to be one of the guests. “Sexy Durga”, an Indian film, which won this year’s Rotterdam’s Tiger Award, is going to be shown at 10.15 in KNH 7. The director Sanal Sasidharan together with the producer Shaji Mather are assisting the screening. 

Another meeting is going to be devoted to the protagonists of Retrospectives. “Gang of Four” is going to be screened at 12.30 PM in KNH 5 and “Kalyi – Age of Darkness”, a film-poem by the director and the cinematographer Fred Keleman, at 1.00 PM in KNH 4. 

At 1.15 PM in KNH 8 – „Makala” by Emmanuel Gras, one of the great discoveries during Critics' Week at Cannes. At the same time, “Son of the Snow Queen”, a fairy tale about a little boy marked by social sensitivity, is going to be shown in KNH 9. The audience will have a chance to meet the creators of the movie – the director Robert Wichrowski and the actors: Anna Seniuk, Rafał Fudalej and Maciej Bożek. At 1.30 PM, in KNH 3 – “HAMSTERs” directed by Martine Doyen, who is going to talk about the artistic experiment inspired by medieval epidemics of dance. 

At 3.45 pm, in KNH 1 – „The Other Side of Hope”, the most recent work of Aki Kaurismäki. The actors, Sherwan Haji and Sakari Kuosmanen, are going to meet with the audience. Those who have not had a chance to see “The Last Family” yet, the famous film of Jan P. Matuszyński, will be able to catch up at 3.45 PM in KNH 2. A film portrait of the Beksińscy family is going to be discussed by Jan P. Matuszyński, Dawid Ogrodnik, Aleksandra Konieczna and Robert Bolesto. Another Polish production, “The Generations”, is going to be screened at 4.00 PM in KNH 4 – director Janusz Zoarski is assisting the screening of the documentary. 

At 4.00 pm the audience will have a chance to take another look at Jacques Rivette’s works – “The Beautiful Troublemaker” filmed back in 1991 is going to be screened in KNH 5. After the screening, it is worth staying at Q&A session with Veronique Manniez-Rivette, an actress and director’s wife. The meeting is going to be led by Ariel Schweitzer, the curator of Retrospectives section. At the same time, “Kékszakállú” by the Argentinian director Gaston Solnicki, which was recognized by the critics in Venice, is going to be screened in KNH 6. Alfred Hitchcock’s fans cannot miss “78/52”. The director Alexandre O. Phillippe is going to talk about his deconstruction of the famous scene from “Psycho” at 4.15 PM in KNH 7. 

Evening meetings and screenings are starting at 7.00 PM with “Fate” by Fred Keleman (KNH 4) and “A Feeling Greater than Love” (KNH 6), a Lebanese movie by Mary Saba. At 7.15 PM, in KNH 7 – director Bruce LaBruce is assisting the screening of his controversial movie, “The Misandrist”. At the same time, in KNH 8, the director of “The Ornithologist”, João Pedro Rodrigues, is going to talk about his work and in KNH 9, director Anna Jadowska, together with other members of her team: Marta Nieradkiewicz, Dominika Biernat, Halina Rasiakówna, Małgorzata Szyłak, Aleksandra Dutkiewicz and Roman Jarosz, is going to present “Wild Roses”. At 9.45 PM in KNH – “Liberation Day”. Morten Traavik, one of the creators, will be one of the guests. The last Saturday meeting is taking place 8 at 10.15 PM in KNH 8 – the director of “Nothingwood”, Sonia Kronlund, is going to talk about an interesting documentary about Salim Shaheen, one of the starts of the Afghan film industry.

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