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People That Are Not Me

Hadas Ben Aroya
Anashim shehem lo ani
Israel 2016 / 80’
subtitles: Polish and English
Past Life Scaffolding

A young woman named Joy lives in Tel Aviv. She wanders around the center of the city, always in the same place. She likes to listen to music using her trademark purple headphones. The fact is there is not really much more you can say about her. Her emotional life is like a toxic roller coaster. Her former partner responds to her with an almost allergic reaction. Her new one only comes around once in a while. Nir and Joy bump into each other on the street. Their first conversation is like that of old friends catching up. In her debut film, Hadas ben Aroya (playing the role of Joy) confronts cliches about contemporary young Israelis. Are members of the younger generation still living day by day in the soap bubble of Tel Aviv or do they dream of being there? The need for intimacy, as understood in a particular way, is extremely important. Battling loneliness involves extreme decisions. And although most of Nir's conversations with Joy bring to mind the atmosphere from Lena Dunham's TV show Girls, in the end, this picture of modern Tel Aviv has nothing to do with that "New York idyll."

Joanna Ostrowska


Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films 2016 - Grand Prix; Mar del Plata Film Festival 2016 - Best Film


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Hadas Ben Aroya

Born in 1988, Hadas ben Aroya is a director and screenwriter living in Tel Aviv. In 2014, she graduated from the Steve Tisch School of Film at the University of Tel Aviv. While still a student, she wrote and directed a short film called Sex Doll (2013), which was shown at the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival. People That Are Not Me, her full-length feature debut, premiered at last year's Locarno International Film Festival.


2013 Sex Doll (short)

2016 Ludzie, którzy nie są mną / Anashim shehem lo ani / People That Are Not Me

Cast & Crew

director Hadas Ben Aroya
screenplay Hadas Ben Aroya
cinematography Meidan Arama
editing Or Lee-Tal
sound Neal Gibbs
cast Hadas Ben Aroya, Yonatan Bar-Or, Meir Toledano, Netzer Charitt, Hagar Enosh
producer Reut Arbel, Gili Porat
sales Film Republic
awards Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films 2016 - Grand Prix; Mar del Plata Film Festival 2016 - Best Film
language Hebrew
colouration colour