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The Woman Who Left

Lav Diaz
Ang babaeng humayo
Philippines 2016 / 229’
subtitles: Polish and English
The Square

Films by Lav Diaz (including Florentina Hubaldo, CTE, 12th New Horizons; A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery, 16th New Horizons), one of the leading lights of Asian cinema, have long been an essential part of the New Horizons program. The main character in his latest work is Horacia, a woman who was unjustly thrown in jail for 30 years. Just as her sentence comes to an end, she finds out who actually committed the crime she was convicted of. Over the course of three decades, the world has changed for the worse, but Horacia, with stoic calm, devises a plan of vengeance against her former lover. Diaz places his protagonist in the wild and unknown world of the Philippines in late 1990s, where relentless violence and kidnappings were a regular part of everyday life. Brutal reality forces Horacia and many like her to wear a mask and to pretend to be someone else. The director continually forces his characters to analyze their moral values and to take part in a never-ending struggle for their own soul. Diaz's latest film won a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Sławomir Wasiński


Venice IFF 2016 – Best Film (Golden Lion)


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Lav Diaz

His real name is Lavrente Indico Diaz. He was born in the Philippines in 1958 and studied at the Mowelfund Film Institute. He has gained his status as a film auteur thanks to his unique style, as well as the fact that, in addition to directing, he is also involved in screenwriting, production, cinematography, and music. In addition, he acts and writes poetry. Having received awards at festivals all over the world, he is known for making multiple-hour films composed of long, static shots.

Selected filmography

2008 Melancholia

2011 Siglo ng Pagluluwal / Century of Birthing

2012 Florentina Hubaldo, CTE

2013 Norte, honiec historii / Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan / North, the End of History

2014 Z tego, co było, po tym, co było / Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon / From What Is Before

Cast & Crew

director Lav Diaz
screenplay Lav Diaz
cinematography Lav Diaz
editing Lav Diaz
cast Charo Santos-Concio, John Lloyd Cruz, Michael De Mesa, Nonie Buencamino, Shamaine Buencamino, Mae Paner, Mayen Estanero, Marjorie Lorico, Lao Rodriguez, Jean Judith Javier
producer Ronald Arguelles, Lav Diaz
production Sine Olivia Pilipinas, Cinema One Originals
Polish distributor Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty
awards Venice IFF 2016 – Best Film (Golden Lion)
language Filipino
colouration b&w