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A Quiet Dream

Zhang Lu
South Korea 2016 / 101’
subtitles: Polish and English
A Man of Integrity A Skin So Soft

Zhang Lu-no stranger to festival audiences in Poland thanks to Grain in Ear (sixth New Horizons)-is back with his latest work. The film focuses on the fate of Ye-ri, a Korean woman born in China who, at the behest of her mother, returns to Seoul. Following her mother's death, she has to take care of her paralyzed father and run a small bar. Ik-june, Jung-bum, and Jong-bin are three friends all competing for the girl's affection. A difficult task, since she is looking someone who is "healthy in both body and mind," and none of the three can live up to her requirements. Will one of them succeed in winning Ye-ri's heart? Although Zhang, as in many of his previous films, portrays the difficult life of Koreans in exile, he does so this time with a bit of a wink. How do we know? Ye-ri's admirers are played by three Korean directors, and the somewhat exaggerated characters they portray are similar to the characters from their debut films. The director adds a subtle dose of drama, evoking a smile and lending the entire film a delicate, dreamlike feel.

Sławomir Wasiński


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Zhang Lu

Zhang Lu is a Korean who was born in China in 1962, where he gained fame as a novelist and short-story writer. He also taught Chinese Literature at Yanbian University. His first short film was the result of collaboration with a director friend. He has said ever since that he "divorced literature and married cinema." His films focus mainly on portrayals of Koreans living in China. As a highly regarded independent film director, he has been a guest at festivals all over the world.

Selected filmography

2003 Tang shi / Tang Poetry

2005 Ziarno w uchu / Mang zhong / Grain in Ear

2008 Iri

2010 Dooman River

2015 Love and...

Cast & Crew

director Zhang Lu
screenplay Zhang Lu
cinematography Cho Young-jik
editing Lee Hak-min
cast Han Ye-ri, Yang Ik-june, Park Jung-bum, Yoon Jong-bin, Lee Joon-dong
producer Leila Jo
production Lu Film
sales M Line
language Korean
colouration b&w