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Fien Troch
Belgium 2016 / 103’
subtitles: Polish and English
Frost Jupiter's Moon

I would like to kill someone so as to feel alive, a bored teenager named Sammie writes on Facebook. All of his friends could say exactly the same thing in expressing their youthful frustration. A quiet boy named John is unable to get away from his neurotic mother, who watches every step her son takes, while 17-year-old Kevin just got out of prison. So as not to annoy his father, he moves in with his cousin's family instead. The three boys stick together, riding their skateboards, smoking joints, and playing video games. Following its premiere at the Venice Film Festival (Best Director Award in the Horizons section), this modest portrait of Belgian youth-a film that certainly does not shy away from dramatic scenes-was compared to Larry Clark's early work. The deciding factor in placing Home above similar titles is, paradoxically, the director's light touch. Fien Troch does not adopt a bombastic tone, nor does she moralize. She presents a raw, ambiguous story about responsibility for violence and a reality that is as short-lived as a Snapchat video. This inspirational film based on real events gets an extra boost from its pulsating soundtrack and videos shot with a mobile phone that reveal the protagonists' partying lifestyle in the suburbs.

Mariusz Mikliński


Venice IFF 2016 – Venice Horizons Award – Best Director


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Fien Troch

Born in 1978, Fien Troch is a Belgian director. After graduating from film school in Brussels, she spent time acting and also making short films and commercials. In 2005, she made her debut with Someone Else's Happiness, which won a number of wards at the festival in Thessaloniki. Her subsequent films, Unspoken and Kid, have been screened all over the world.

Selected filmography

2005 Cudze szczęście / Een Ander zijn geluk / Someone Else's Happiness

2008 Niewypowiedziane / Unspoken

2012 Kid

2016 Dom / Home

Cast & Crew

director Fien Troch
screenplay Fien Troch, Nico Leunen
cinematography Frank van den Eeden
editing Nico Leunen
music Johnny Jewel
cast Sebastian Van Dun, Mistral Guidotti, Loïc Batog, Lena Suijkerbuijk, Karlijn Sileghem, Els Deceukelier, Robby Cleiren
producer Antonino Lombardo
production Prime Time
sales Doc & Film
awards Venice IFF 2016 – Venice Horizons Award – Best Director
language English, Dutch
colouration colour