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The Impossible Picture

Sandra Wollner
Das unmögliche Bild
Germany, Austria 2016 / 70’
subtitles: Polish and English
Strange But True Western

How much truth fits on eight millimeters? It depends who is looking. In The Impossible Picture, we watch the life of a Viennese family in the 1950s, as filmed by 13-year-old Johanna. The grandfather drinks to "happier days," which we can see in the photographs inadvertently filmed by the young girl in which he is younger and in uniform. The house is full of women, because grandma runs a cooking school, though it is not clear why since no one cooks there. From the shreds of conversations, accidental moments and unwittingly captured situations (why is that woman crying in the background?), an alternative story emerges. What we are unable to see and what we can only guess creates in our heads something different and unexpected. This puckish movie, styled to look like a home video, is a reflection on the subject of memory and a self-portrait of childhood discovering the cracks that one passes through-like Alice through the looking glass-into adulthood.

Małgorzata Sadowska


Göteborg FF 2017 – International Debut Award


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Sandra Wollner

Born in 1983, Sandra Wollner is an Austrian film director and editor, a graduate of the University of Vienna (where she studied Media Studies, Theater Studies and Film Studies) and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.


2013 Mountains & Molehills (doc.)

2015 Viktor (short)

2016 Obraz niemożliwy / Das unmögliche Bild / The Impossible Picture

Cast & Crew

director Sandra Wollner
screenplay Sandra Wollner
cinematography Timm Kröger
editing Stephan Bechinger
music Joscha Eickel
cast Jana McKinnon, Eva Linder, Alexander E. Fennon, Andrea Schramek, Isabel Schmidt, Mira Reisinger
producer Andrea Grassl, Anja Schmidt
production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
sales Film Akademie DK
awards Göteborg FF 2017 – International Debut Award
language German
colouration colour