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Ginan Seidl
Germany 2017 / 81’
subtitles: Polish and English
somniloquies Spookers

Spinning around on your own axis can be arduous and, at the same time, exciting or even ecstatic. It is a repetitive movement and although it is not linear, it can change our perception of things. At the micro- and macrocosm level, a vortex can generate energy. In the Sufi theory of dance, whirling is considered to be the oldest and most effective mystical technique. The body becomes an axis that the world spins around, a portal leading to another dimension. Spin is an experimental film about the phenomenon of rotation in its various aspects: scientific, philosophical, and mystical. Quantum physics, Sufism, and audiovisual experiments are intertwined in Ginan Seidl's film, like an intellectual whirlwind that, if we allow it to get started, can take us to some rather unexpected places. In her film investigation, Seidl spins various concepts of truth, proving that science and spirituality are two sides of the same cosmic truths, the third of which can be art. She transforms the genre of the film essay into a much more visual experimental form where images are not an illustration of thought, but an extension thereof, opening up the narrative to a broader, less obvious dimension.

Ewa Szabłowska


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Ginan Seidl

Born in 1984 in Berlin, Ginan Seidl lives and works in Halle (Saale) and Berlin. She finished her studies of plastic arts in Halle (Saale), Berlin, and Mexico City. She has won several art awards and had residencies in Istanbul and Mexico. Her work has been shown in international film festivals, exhibitions, and art festivals. She is a member of the collective Rosenpictures.


2011 Inverse Geometrie (short)

2012 Rotation (short)

2013 Ferferak (short)

2013 Subconscious Areas (video installation)

2015 Remote City (short)

2015 Boy (short)

2017 Wir / Spin

Cast & Crew

director Ginan Seidl
screenplay Ginan Seidl
cinematography Ray Peter Maletzki
editing Ginan Seidl
sound Ginan Seidl
cast Susanne Sachsse (narrator), Norman Sieroka, Ş. Barihüda Tanrikorur, Cheihka H. Nur Artiran, Zafer Gürel, Veli Aksoy, Helena Eckert, Karen Barad
producer Ray Peter Maletzki, Stephan Helmut Beier, Ginan Seidl
sales Ginan Seidl
language Turkish, German, English
colouration colour