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Flying Lotus
USA 2017 / 105’
subtitles: Polish (English dialogs)
Killing Ground The Girl with All the Gifts

Kuso is a genuine paradox: it is a film that you cannot, with a clear conscience, recommend to anyone, but that everyone should really see nonetheless. The title itself is a play on its (non-)literal meaning, since this Japanese colloquialism refers not so much to excrement as to the kitsch product of pop culture. Steven Ellison's debut involves a collection of unrelated novellas-both in terms of story style-that take place in the wake of an apocalyptic earthquake, which explains the unhealthy state of the odd assortment of characters populating the film. Kusois an eclectic, multi-genre spectacle that uses just about every possible image- and sound-recording format available that is taken up a notch with the addition of psychedelic music and hybrid special effects-a phantasmagoria that dazzles the senses. To put it another way, it is an explosion of body-horror-inspired hideousness that is going toe to toe with our sense of aesthetics and good taste. Ellison is brazen, adolescent, and not at all politically incorrect. That is to say, just the way we like him.

Bartosz Czartoryski


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Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus is the stage name of California-born musician Steven Ellison, a relative of John Coltrane himself. Ellison has already released four critically acclaimed experimental albums, while also composing for the Adult Swim cartoon network and creating the soundtrack for the popular game Grand Theft Auto. He has also recorded as the (animated!) rapper Captain Murphy. Just a year ago, he launched the film division of his production studio, Brain feeder Films.


2017 Kuso

Cast & Crew

director Flying Lotus
screenplay David Firth, Flying Lotus
cinematography Benjamin A. Goodman, Danny Hiele, Norm Li
editing Luke Lynch
music Apex Twin, Flying Lotus, Akira Yamaoka
cast Hannibal Buress, George Clinton, David Firth
producer Eddie Alcazar
production Brianfeeder Films
sales Stray Dogs
language English
colouration colour