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Sister of Mine

Pedro Aguilera
Demonios tus ojos
Spain, Colombia 2017 / 94’
subtitles: Polish and English
Sexy Durga Son of the Snow Queen

Oliver is a film director who has been living in Los Angeles for years. Preoccupied by arguments with his impetuous partner and interviews with journalists who have been pestering him, he seldom thinks about his family back in Madrid-he does not even keep in touch with its surviving members. At last until he happens to see his younger sister Aurora in an amateur porn video online, and he quickly becomes infatuated with her. A cinephile's film for cinephiles: in Sister of Mine, Pedro Aquilera makes playful references to the works of Antonioni, the cult videonasties of Ruggero Deodato, and Michael Powell's Peeping Tom, while confronting the subject of forbidden attraction between half-siblings. Boldly questioning the limits of what is permissible, the protagonists-portrayed by Julia Perillán and Ivana Baquero, who gained fame in Guillermo del Toro 's Pan's Labyrinth-start playing a dangerous game the outcome of which can only hurt them. But they are unable to resist it nevertheless.

Marta Bałaga


Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2017 – Best Actress (Ivana Baquero), Best Actor (Julio Perillán)


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Filmmakers Q&A
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Pedro Aguilera

Born in San Sebastián in 1978, Pedro Aquilera is a Spanish director and screenwriter. He studied Fine Arts at Complutense University in Madrid. He gained experience as an assistant director on Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's Intacto, and he also worked on Amat Escalante's Sangre and Carlos Reygadas's Battle in Heaven. Reygadas co-produced Aquilera's 2007 debut, La influencia, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Sister of Mine is his third feature film.


2007 La Influencia

2010 Naufragio

2017 Demonios tus ojos / Sister of Mine

Cast & Crew

director Pedro Aguilera
screenplay Juan Carlos Sampedro, Pedro Aquilera
cinematography Miquel Prohens
editing Imanol Ruiz de Lara
music Richard Córdoba
cast Ivana Baquero, Julio Perillán, Lucía Guerrero, Nícolas Coronado, Elisabet Gelabert
producer Pedro Aquilera, Cristina Gallego, Antonello Novellino
production Ciudad Lunar, Carmelita Films
sales Stray Dogs
awards Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2017 – Best Actress (Ivana Baquero), Best Actor (Julio Perillán)
language English, Spanish
colouration colour