Kids Films at the 17th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF

Double Trouble
Festival-goers co-create visual identity for the T-Mobile NH IFF Masterful Dumont and two debuts: from Cannes to Wrocław and to Polish cinemas

We have been screening films for our youngest viewers at the T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival for more than a decade already. This year, this section was prepared for the first time by the Kids Films Film Festival (featuring films for children), which the New Horizons Association organizes every year in September in no fewer than 20 Polish cities. 

Younger viewers are invited to a preview screening of Marta Karwowska's Tarapaty (Double Trouble)-a the film makes references to some the best traditions in Polish family cinema-and to screenings of three sets of short films, including individual episodes of the latest Polish animated series and short films from all over the world that have won acclaim at numerous film festivals for children.

Tarapaty / Double Trouble, or a great holiday adventure (6+)

12-year-old Julia has to spend summer vacation with her not-so-nice aunt in Warsaw. The same building where her aunt lives is also home to Olek and his dog Pulpet, who never leaves Olek's side. When the children come into possession of a mysterious plan, a true adventure ensues. They head out in search of treasure, but a gang of thieves tries to prevent them from solving the riddle. No one is who they claim to be, and a race against time continues. In addition to fantastic child actors, the film stars Roma Gąsiorowska, Piotr Głowacki, Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak, Maria Maj, and Krzysztof Stroiński. The script for the movie was developed during the Film For Kids.PRO workshop organized by the New Horizons Association's Education Department. Following the screening, a meeting will take place with the filmmakers and the young actors.

New Polish series on the horizon (4+)

This set will include screenings of episodes from the latest Polish series for children. Basia takes young viewers on a trip to the zoo, Ala introduces everyone to her cats, and Czipu conjures up incredible sounds from a hat. Pompik talks about what it is like to be a little bison, and Toru Superlis reveals its family history. As Wikking Tappi deals with the problem of winter supplies, bears prove that hugging is a great way to have a good day. Art workshops will be held following the screening: Time for another adventure (making flip books featuring all these new heroes)

The Big Adventure of a Little Line and other short films (4+)

The heroes of this set get themselves into some trouble. Fortunately, thanks to their positive outlook and their friends, they all manage to overcome their travails. Viewers will be introduced to Stick Man (another adaptation of a book by Julia Donaldson, following Gruffalo and Room on the Broom), Cookie, Tiger, Octopus, and Lucy, who really does not like it when her mother calls her Mouse. In the end, a small red line shows just what can happen when it is in someone's pocket. Art workshops will be held following the screening: What can we conjure up with a red line? (artistic games using string)

Odd Is an Egg and other short films (6+)

Is it a bad thing that we are all different? Or is it perhaps the case that these differences are our greatest strength and what makes us all unique? Children will be introduced to the Pocket Man, Deer, and the sensitive Odd. Little Bird returns for the third part of his adventures, but this time he will not have a moment of peace because of a worm that is constantly pestering him. Young viewers will find out what happens in the story of the lost letter and, together with the film's protagonists, will figure out where stars came from. Art workshops will be held following the screening: What does your hero look like? (making notebooks with the likenesses of film characters)

The curators of the section are Kamila Tomkiel-Skowrońska and Agnieszka Wrzak.

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