Festival-goers co-create visual identity for the T-Mobile NH IFF

New section: Lost Lost Lost – among festivals Kids Films at the 17th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF

The festival's newest section, CINEMA OF PROTEST, was the subject of workshops conducted by visual artist Kobas Laksa, resulting in the creation of the visual identity for this year's festival. During the 17th festival edition, viewers will be able to co-create - live - future year's festival visual identifications.

The collage workshops that took place in April in Warsaw and Wrocław were, in the beginning, surprising in terms of the number of attendees. The desire to take part in creating the festival's visual identify exceeded the expectations of the organizers. Works began emerging under the watchful eye of Kobas Laksa that reflected various emotions-both those of a personal nature and others relating to universal contemporary events. During the meetings, the artist started acting in a shocking manner: he took the participants' work and materials from them and destroyed them. He had only one goal in mind: to provoke a protest, to push people out of their comfort zone and beyond their regular context. As a result, the participants began to think and act in a less-conforming manner, opening up to other points of view and emotions.

A film from the collage workshops with Kobas Laksa can be seen here.

Collage is a multidimensional form of expression, consisting of particular elements that are individually characterized by a specific idea, but by putting them together into a whole, we give them a new meaning. Together, they start having a combined impact, and they acquire a new potency. This was the strength and energy that we wanted to convey in creating this year's New Horizons'identity, explains Michał Weksler, the festival's marketing director.

The collages that resulted from the workshops will be a part of all of this year's festival materials: posters, leaflets, folders, and on the streets of Polish cities. This year's visual identity does not have a single main character. This can be understood in two ways: on the one hand, it is the result of the joint work of festival viewers; and on the other hand, there is also not a single visual theme. Collage-cutting, tearing, gluing, apparent chaos-expresses the emotions of its creators and the guiding idea of this edition [of the festival], the cinema of protest, says Błażej Grzechnik, marketing and PR director of the New Horizons Association.

The workshops will not be the last opportunity for viewers to express themselves and play a role in the co-creation of New Horizons. During the festival, participants will have an opportunity to take part in creating another collage. Everyone will be able to add their own pictures, drawings, or other materials to it, and thus be a part of the festival's expression of protest.

The 17th edition of the T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival will be held in Wroclaw on 3-13 August 2017. The festival program is available at www.nowehoryzonty.pl

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