The Art Scene Opens Today

The Opening Night From Urban Sprawl to Remote Desolation – International Competition

The art scene opens today, at 5 PM at the New Horizons Cinema, with the opening of the Diego and Frida. Long live life! exhibitions. 

Diego and Frida includes a selection of 50 unique images taken by various photographers and artists contemporary to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The photos show the famous artistic couple as well as surrealist icons, e.g. Andre Breton, as well as Leon Trotsky. The Mexican Embassy organized the exhibition. At 7 PM the official opening of the Homefront exhibition will take place at BWA Studio Gallery (Ruska 46a / 301). The installation consists of five projects by Israeli artists, and its story plays out within the four walls of homes - in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. The story conventions vary, and all the works combine into an hour-long session that develops in the space and time of the gallery.

The second movie day of the 17th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF will begin at 10 PM in KNH 5 with a presentation of the film Paris Belongs To Us by Jacques Rivette. Filmgoers will be welcomed by Roman Gutek and Marcin Penczski.
At 12:45 PM in KNH 3, director Morten Traavik will talk and answer questions about his film Liberation Day, a documentary showing a concert by avant-garde band Laibach in North Korea. Fergus Daly and Katherine Waugh will present the Art of Time at 1 PM in KNH 4. At 1:15 PM in KNH 7, Sonia Kronlund will talk about trips to Afghanistan, which led to the making of Nothingwood – an extraordinary story about the Ed Wood of Kabul. Meanwhile, at 3:45 PM in KNH 2 Jan P. Matuszyński, Dawid Ogrodnik, Aleksandra Konieczna and Robert Bolesto will hold a Q&A with the viewers of The Last Family. Just a moment later, at 4:15 PM in KNH 7, Bruce LaBruce will present the crazed The Misandrists.
The evening will begin with a showing of Your Vincent at KNH 1 at 6:45 PM followed by a Q&A with directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, producer Sean Bobbitt, costume designer Roquplo Dorothy, actor Robert Gulaczyk and artists Ewa Gołda, Carolina Bełczyk and Olena Horhol. At 7:15 PM just prior to the screeing of the famous Microcosmos by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou, the winner of the Krzysztof Mętrak Award will be announced. At the same time in KNH 8, German techno pioneer Ata will talk about the German music scene in If I Think of Germany at Night (KNH 8).

In addition, we especially recommend the screenings opening the Protest Cinema section, i.e. Nocturama by Bertrand Bonello (9:45 AM, KNH1), Before We Vanish byKiyoshi Kurosawa (10:15, KNH9), Animals by Greg Zgliński, which was lauded at the Berlinale (1:15 PM, KNH8), Barrage byLaura Schroeder, with great roles by Isabelle Huppert and her daughter Lolita Chammah (4:15 PM, KNH8), and the Indonesian film, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts by Mouly Surya (7:15 PM, KNH9).

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