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Jana Bürgelin
Germany 2017 / 70’
subtitles: Polish and English
Jesús Nothingwood

Anne is a director whose career is picking up. She is 34 years old and really wants to have a baby. Although She is single, though she does have several friends, including Leo, a photographer who is trying to get some galleries and industry writers interested in his work. He does not look happy: things are not working out for him in the art world, and he is unable to hang on to the girl he loves. Their lives are defined by the city and its anonymous spaces. Among the pulsating lights of nightclubs and within the minimalistic interiors of galleries and the homes of friends, Anne and Leo are always somewhere beyond the here and now, isolated and suspended. Jana Bürgelin's film can be seen as an intimate portrait of two thirtysomethings in a big city. But you can also see in it an attempt to document the way of life, desires, and fears of so-called millennials, or generation Y. The director likes her characters. She has a lot of empathy for them, and she focuses her attention on them-and not on the world around them. She makes an effort to understand them.

Karolina Kosińska


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Jana Bürgelin

Jana Bürgelin was born in Ludwigsburg, Germany, in 1983. She began her education studying Art and Graphic Design before ultimately moving on to Film Direction at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2009. A scholarship gave her an opportunity to study at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance. She lives and works in Berlin.


2011 Kontaktruf (short)

2012 Kuchen essen (essay)

2013 Schweben wie Schmetterlinge, stechen wie Bienen (doc.)

2014 Something Changed in Me (doc.)

2017 Millennialsi / Millennials

Cast & Crew

director Jana Bürgelin
screenplay Jana Bürgelin
cinematography Florian Mag
editing Jana Bürgelin, Jan Bihl
music Nicolai Krepart
cast Anne Zohra Berrached, Leonel Dietsche, Jan Koslowski, Anna Herrmann, Claudia Lorentz
producer Cosima Maria Degler, Julia Golembiowski
production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
sales M-Appeal
language German
colouration colour