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The Last Land

Pablo Lamar
La última tierra
Paraguay, Netherlands, Chile, Qatar 2016 / 77’
subtitles: Polish and English
The Absent The Winds Know I'm Coming Back Home

Life and death in the heart of the Paraguayan jungle. An aging couple are living in a dilapidated mud hut surrounded by a tropical abundance plagued by the heat. Cut off from other communities, subject to the whims of nature, they keep waiting. Bedridden, the woman is seriously ill. Before death takes her, he provides attentive care, watching her, making sure she has something to drink, and feeding her food that he first chews himself. An award winner at the Rotterdam Film Festival, Pablo Lamar's debut is a film meditation devoid of words, suspended between individual tenderness and collective ritual, the movement of matter and unchanging time. The process of dying and funeral rites are shown in a series of painterly sequences, and the mesmerizing images are complemented by a distinctive soundscape in which the clamor of the jungle turns out to be just as important as the penetrating silence. Produced by Domingo Sotomayor, The Last Land is a story of love and mourning in the polar opposite of the modern world. Although it might be possible to see some influence from the slow cinema of Lisandro Alonso or Carlos Reygadas, Pablo Lamar has developed his own individual, inimitable film language.

Mariusz Mikliński


Rotterdam IFF 2016 – Special Jury Award


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Pablo Lamar

Born in Paraguay in 1984, Pablo Lamar is a director and screenwriter. He studied Film Direction at the University of Buenos Aires. His short films have been screened at numerous film festivals, including Cannes and Karlovy Vary. The Last Land is his feature debut.


2008 Ahendu nde sapukai (Oigo tu grito) (short)

2010 Noche adentro (short)

2016 Ostatni ląd / La última tierra / The Last Land

Cast & Crew

director Pablo Lamar
screenplay Pablo Lamar
cinematography Paolo Girón
editing Felipe Gálvez Haberle
cast Ramon del Río, Vera Valdez
producer Dominga Sotomayor Castillo, Pablo Lamar, Gabriela Sabaté
production Sapukai Cine, Fortuna Films, Cinestación, Sabate Films, EntreFilmes
sales Fortuna Films
awards Rotterdam IFF 2016 – Special Jury Award
language no dialogue
colouration colour