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The Absent

Nicolás Pereda
Los ausentes
Mexico, Spain, France 2014 / 80’
subtitles: Polish and English
Polk The Last Land

In The Absent, director Nicolás Pereda (Summer of Goliath, 11th New Horizons; Perpetuum Mobile, 12th New Horizons) nearly totally eschews the dialogue that in his previous films had been the medium for the absurd. He abandons his favorite characters that had been played by Teresa Sánchez and Gabino Rodríguez as mother and son, and seems to devote even more attention to the film's structure, operating with such long takes, that he might be paying homage to Béla Tarr. Pereda tells the story of an old man living in solitude on the coast, who has lost everything he owns, which was nothing more than the shabby roof over his head. The naturalistic rawness of the character's life accompanies his gradual dilapidation into the past. A court decision destroys his beautiful and peaceful solitude and, in the face of tragedy, induces him to emigrate from reality into a dream. Gabino Rodríguez, takes over the role of the naturalist from Oaxaca, who is the personification of his youth and hope, the bit of rationality, that lets us continue living by providing support on our path toward death. The absent are among us, Pereda seems to be trying to convince us, by releasing his character from the yoke of time.

Agnieszka Szeffel


Amiens IFF 2011 - Screenplay Creation Fonds


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Nicolás Pereda

Nicolás Pereda was born in 1982 in Mexico City. He holds a Master of Arts in film directing from York University (Canada). He has made films and videos for several interdisciplinary plays, operas and dance pieces that have been performed in Mexico and Europe. His films have screened in Cannes, Rotterdam, Paris and Italy and garnered numerous awards in others. He was given his first retrospective at the age of 27 by Cine las Americas in Austin, Texas in March of 2010. His features Summer of Goliath and Perpetuum mobile were screened at 12. NH festival.

Selected filmography

2007 ¿Dónde están sus historias? / Where Are Their Stories?

2009 Perpetuum mobile

2009 Juntos / Together

2010 Todo, en fin, el silencio lo ocupaba / All Things Were Now Overtaken by Silence (doc.)

2010 Lato Goliata / Verano de Goliat / Summer of Goliath

2015 Minotauro / Minotaur

Cast & Crew

director Nicolás Pereda
screenplay Alejandro Mendoza, Nicolás Pereda
cinematography Diego Romero Suárez
editing Aina Calleja
sound Bernat Fortiana Chico
cast Guadalupe Cárdenas, Gabino Rodríguez, Eduard Fernández
producer Daniela Alvarado, Thierry Lenouvel, Edgar San Juan
production Film Tank, Tornasol Films, Ciné-Sud Promotion
sales Caravan Press
awards Amiens IFF 2011 - Screenplay Creation Fonds
language Spanish
colouration colour