Full Speed Ahead Sunday

Film as Art: Beuys and Loving Vincent The World Slowed Down: The Films of Fred Kelemen

Inspiring Q&As with filmmakers are this Sunday’s leading theme. The program also includes a debate about protest cinema.

Sunday begins with a 10 AM (KNH 1) gala screening of Aki Kaurismäki’s "The Other Side of Hope", which received an award at Berlinale. Q&A guests will include actors Sherwan Haji and Sakari Kuosmanen. At 10.15 AM in KNH 8 you can see "Everything Else", the feature debut from Mexican documentary filmmaker Natalia Almada, which is a beautiful and nostalgic story of human solitude. Filmmakers Natalia Almada and Dave Cerf will be available for a Q&A. 

At 12.30 PM in KNH 5 there is "Up, Down, Fragile", a French-Swiss production from 1995 by Jacques Rivette, who is featured in this year’s retrospective. At 12.45 PM come to KNH 3 for the ironic "Selfcriticism of a Bourgeois Dog" by Julian Radlmaier, a grotesque comedy that visually references theatrical films by Wener Schroeter. Meanwhile, the screening of this year’s winner of Docs Against Gravity, "The Trial. The State of Russian vs Oleg Sentsov" and a Q&A with the director will start at 1 PM in KNH 4. The poetic Wild Roses screen at 1.15 PM in KNH 9, accompanied by the filmmakers, including the film’s director, Anna Jadowska. At the same time in KNH 7 you can watch I Still Hide to Smoke, the much-anticipated story about the situation of women in Algeria in the 1990s, and enjoy a Q&A with the director, Rayhana. At 3.45 PM KNH 3 will feature HAMSTERs, the Belgian cinematic-performance directed by Martine Doyen. At the same hour, in KNH 1, you might watch A Ghost Story and hear about the film from director David Lowery. Also at 3.45 PM in KNH2 – “Shortlist: Set 1” and a Q&A with filmmakers. That will be followed by, at 4 PM in KHN 5 with Secret Defence, the Jacques Rivette film from 1998, and in KNH 4 the Portuguese film Nightfall and a meeting with Fred Kelemen.

A must-see for all lovers of painting is Loving Vincent, the Polish-British coproduction showing in KNH 9 at 4:15 PM. After the screening, it is worthwhile to stay for a Q&A with the charismatic film crew. Son of the Snow Queen straddles the line between fairytale and social cinema, directed by Robert Wichrowski; this oneiric story screens at 4.15 PM in KNH 7. At 6 PM at Surowiec, there will be a debate about protest cinema involving Rayhana, Mary Jirmanus Saba, Sylvain L’Espérance and Gerorge Kelly. Evening screenings kick-off with the German experimental film Spin by Ginan Seidl at 6.45 PM at KNH 3. The next Q&A involves My Italy by Bruno Colella and will take place in KNH 4 at 7 PM. A moment later, at 7:15 PM in KNH 8, you can watch the intriguing Makala – the discovery of Canne’s Critics Week, a cinematic non–fiction. Variations on road movies will be on display in Sexy Durga at 9.45 PM in KNH 2Also at 9.45 PM at KNH 3 there is the unusual picture called 78/52, which will feature a Q&A with director Alexandre O. Philippe. Late evening, at 10 PM, we have the screening of In the Last Days of the City, the acclaimed film by Tamer El Said, to be preceded by the reading of a letter from the director to the audience.

At the same hour, you can catch an open-air screening on the Main Market square, Man of Iron, accompanied by a visit from award-winning actor Jerzy Radziwiłowicz. The Sunday finale belongs to the Greek film Thread directed by The Boy. This intriguing hybrid film escapes classification and will show in KNH 7 at 10.15 PM. As usual, a day packed with emotions will culminate at Arsenal with a music performance – this time by Yves Tumor and Mitch & Mitch.

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