Thursday at the Movies

Amazing Movie Madness Crossing Borders: New Israeli Cinema

Another festival day, full of exciting experiences

The day kicks off at 10.00 with a series of short films by Jacques Rivette in KNH 4. Also at 10.00 in KNH 6 we will screen the Argentine film ”Süden” accompanied by Q&A with the director. At 10.15 you can watch ”3 Women” (KNH 8), a Mexican film about life in contemporary Bosnia. At 10.15 check out ”A Skin So Soft” (KNH 9) and meet with director Denis Côté. This documentary is the story of men who have subordinated their lives to bodybuilding. At 12.45, as part of the Israeli cinema review, you might choose ”A Quiet Heart” (KNH 2), a film showing loneliness in a world dominated by faith. Korean cinema will entertain the festival screen at 12.45 with the oneiric ”A Quiet Dream” at KNH 3. 

Later, at 13.00, a surrealistic coming-of-age parable entitled ”A Brief Excursion” will play at KNH 6. The extraordinary film "Brexitannia" is a documentary portrait of contemporary Brits divided by politics, directed by Timothy George Kelly (13.15, KNH 7). After the screening, the audience will meet with the director for a Q&A. At the same time, we will screen ”The Impossible Picture” (KNH 8) by Sandra Woller – a portrait of an Austrian family in the 1950s; the film was honored during the Göteborg FF 2017 with a prize for best debut. At 13.15 you can see ”Tama" in KNH 9, a beautiful story about parental relationships over two generations. ”Jupiter's Moon” is a cinematic crossword with a Hollywood pedigree but an engaged image. You can catch it at KNH 1 at 15.45 with a Q&A with the filmmakers. At the same time, Daniel Mann's ”Low Tide” screens at KNH 2 along with a Q&A. At 15.45 you can also go to KNH 3 for the surrealist ”Spookers.” Fifteen minutes later, as part of our retrospectives, check out the dark ”The Bridge of the North” in KNH 4. ”Sarajevo Songs of Woe,” the buzz-generating Fred Kelemen film, will show at 16.00 in KNH 6 – it’s worth seeing, including for the intriguing cinematography. The afternoon screening block ends with ”Strange Birds,” a sad but beautifully poetic film about loneliness, which will screen in KNH 7 at 16.15. In the evening, we invite you to KNH 2 for the Hungarian film ”1945,” a portrait of a town at the end of war. Later, check out ”Luxus. The Simple Story,” directed by Agnieszka Maznek, with a Q&A with the filmmakers in KNH 3 at 18.45. Right at 19.00 in KNH 4 we invite you to the showing of ”Fate” which won an award at the Toronto Film Festival. After that, there is an opportunity to see an Israeli project, ”People That Are Not Me” (KNH 7) at 19.15 followed by a Q&A. Teatr Polski w Podziemiu will perform an exceptional show in the car park at Arsenal at 20.00. For admirers of avant-garde animation for adults, the festival has prepared the ”Polish animation and avant-garde: Night” compilation at KNH 2 at 21.45 along with a guest Q&A with Laura Pawela. At the same time KNH 3 will feature the Greek film ”Polk.” The final film of the day will screen on Market Square, as usual - at 22.00; this time the show is the 1929 production of ”Halka” by Konstanty Meglicki.

For those who want to relax with electronic beats, the Electronic Beats scene at the Arsenal club has invited exceptional guests - Shabazz Palaces and DJ Lag – the show starts at 22.00.

Zosia Wierzcholska

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