Promising Start to A Film-Filled Weekend

Crossing Borders: New Israeli Cinema A Crisis of Love: 120 Beats Per Minute

Friday at the festival is more than just screenings – check out lectures, Q&As and meetings with filmmakers.

Friday's screening begin with a film called ”Low Tide” (KNH 2) at 9.45, with special guest, director Daniel Mann. At the same time – we explore the mystery of life and death in the mystic project by Victoria Szymańska ”13 Summers Under Water” (KNH 3). Then, at 10.00, we’ll screen the ”Polish Animation and Avant-Garde: Day” compilation, followed by a meeting with director Ewa Borysewicz. At the same time, enjoy the story of parenting struggles in the Belgian-French production ”Barrage,” which will be accompanied by a Q&A (KNH 9). At 12.45 we invite festival-goers to KNH 1 for the intriguing ”Jupiter’s Moon,” which is its own brand of engaged cinema from Hollywood. Fifteen minutes later, check out the double feature of ”Do You Speak Chopin” and ”Never Forget to Lie,” followed by a Q&A with director Marian Marzyński (KNH 6). 

All film lovers should go at 13:15 to KNH 7 for ”Scaffolding,” which is part of the review of New Israeli Cinema. At the same time at KNH 8 there will be a short presentation of ”Images of Wroclaw: Destruction of the City” with a lecture by Professor Tomasz Głowiński. Canadian cinema fans are invited to KNH 9 at 13.15 for a showing of ”A Skin So Soft” directed by Denis Côté. A moment later, at 13.30, we will screen a movie called ”Celine and Julie Go Boating, ” in KNH 5 as part of our retrospectives. For those hungry for experiences that go beyond film, Tajne Komplety [Secret Sets] have prepared an improvisation workshop with Grzegorz Uzdanski at 15.00 on ul. Przejście Garncarskie 2 next to Market Square. In the afternoon – at 15.45 in KNH 2 - come see the Israeli film ”Land of Little People,” which is Yaniv Berman's debut. At the same hours you might instead want to see ”1945” – a Hungarian portrait of a pre-war town (KNH 3). Devotees of beautiful cinematography should not miss the screening of the Argentine ”Kékszakállú” (KNH 4) at 16.00. Then, in KNH 8 at 16.15, view a female portrait in the movie ”3 Women” with a guest appearance by the director. Evening shows will begin with a film straight from France called ”Strange Birds” in KNH 3 at 18.45 along with a Q&A. Half an hour later take a peek at a portrait of contemporary Tel Aviv in ”People That Are Not Me.” At the same time, except in KNH 8, you can see ”The Impossible Picture,” a German production directed by Sandra Wollner. This portrait of an Austrian family in the 1950s got the award at the Göteborg FF 2017 for best debut. At 19.15, we invite you to a meeting with Mohammad Rasoulof, director of ”A Man of Integrity” (KNH 9) along with a screening of the film. Teatr Polski w podziemiu [Polish Underground Theater] will surprise you at 20.00 with an extraordinary spectacle in the Arsenal car park. The day culminates with a screening of the Oscar-winner for the foreign language film, ”The Salesman,” on Market Square.

For those hungry for musical experiences, the festival club has booked a legend of the Polish electronic scene - Jacek Sienkiewicz, at 24.00.

Zosia Wierzcholska

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