Monica Semczyk's Top 10

On Body and Soul by Ildykó Enyedi
Ewa Szabłowska's Top 10 Ariel Schweitzer: Jacques Rivette – Secret Defense

Monica Semczyk, festival programmer, makes her picks from the 17th T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival repertoire. 

On Body and Soul by Ildyko Enyedi

Berlinale's Golden Bear winner takes the phrase "see you in my dreams" to a whole new level. This modern day fairytale tells the story of two individuals who find love in an unlikely place.

Millennials by Jana Bürgelin

Night falls and morning comes but the party never stops in Berlin. A man and woman drift through a city that never sleeps and reveal the trials and tribulations of being a "millennial."

Requiem for Mrs. J by Bojan Vuletic

This black comedy with surrealist twists set against the backdrop of Balkan ruin porn exposes a grieving widow's dark secret.

Sister of Mine by Pedro Aguilera

Sibling incest fuels this stylish psychodrama. A salacious film director's abnormal fascination with his charming younger sister leads to disturbing consequences in the nymphet's idyllic life.

Arábia by Joao Dumans, Affonso Uchoa

This melancholy road movie subtly ruminates on life's fleeting moments that are gone before we realize they ever even happened.

Spookers by Florian Habicht

Misfits from all corners of society find ways to express themselves in New Zealand's largest horror theme park. Florian Habicht's (Pulp: a Film About Love, Death and Supermarkekts, Love Story) newest documentary explores relationships between zombie brides, clowns and what it means to be human.

The Future Perfect by Nele Wohlatz

A deadpan comedy that explores themes of identity, immigration, and language barriers through the eyes of an outsider trying to find her niche in a place far away from home.

The World is Mine by Ann Oren

Magical toasts and electric blue hair play accompany Ann Oren on her whimsical cosplay adventures in Japan. In her documentary, she explores the kaleidoscopic world of virtual pop star Hatsune Miku.

The Impossible Picture by Sandra Wollner

A sensitive young girl lets her imagination run free as she captures what happens behind closed doors in a secret Viennese parlor. This visually striking film is a tribute to 8mm home movies.

Kuso by Flying Lotus

Hailed as the grossest film ever made, Flying Lotus takes his viewers on a psychedelic trip well worth the ride.

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