Dark Beast

Oscuro animal
dir. Felipe Guerrero
Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Greece 2016 / 107’
subtitles: Polish and English

There are beasts lurking in the Colombian jungle, sowing terror among the inhabitants of the interior. They kill defenseless people, including women and children. They are paramilitary soldiers who leave behind deserted villages and desperate survivors. Felipe Guerrero portrays three women under pressure, whose lives have felt the impact of gang wars. The first finds no one left alive in her native village, the second endures the brutality of one of the henchmen, and the third is a paramilitary soldier. Contrary to possible expectations, the Colombian director does not dazzle his audience with violence, nor does he analyze the phenomenon of crime in South America. He focuses instead on showing the protagonists' emotional landscape, their transformation from passive, objectified victims into women fighting for survival. Their desperate journey through a “green hell” is presented without words, in raw, anxious frames that provide a stark contrast to shots of the deceptively peaceful natural environment. The atmosphere of uncertainty builds, in the film, an intense jungle soundscape, where the sounds of an indifferent nature form an overture to the subsequent chaos of gunfire and screams. Oscuro animal is a courageous portrait of Colombia, a paradise lost, where the weakest can count on no one but themselves.

Prepared by: Mariusz Mikliński

Felipe Guerrero

Born in 1975, Felipe Guerrero is a Colombian director and editor who studied in Rome. In 2006, he directed a short documentary called Paraíso. As an editor, he worked with a number of respected Colombian filmmakers, including Carlos Moreno and Oscar Ruiz Navia (Crab Trap, 10th New Horizons). Oscuro animal, his feature debut, made its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2016.

Selected filmography:

2006 Paraíso (doc.)

2012Corta (doc.)

2016 Mroczne bestie / Oscuro animal / Dark Beast  

Cast & Crew

director Felipe Guerrero
screenplay Felipe Guerrero
cinematography Fernando Lockett
editing Eliane D. Katz
cast Marleyda Soto, Luisa Vides Galiano, Jocelyn Meneses
producer Marleen Slot, Gema Juarez Allen, Felipe Guerrero
production Mutokino, Gema Films, Viking Films, Boo Productions
sales Pascale Ramonda
language Spanish
colouration colour